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Services we offer


Whole Home Rewire

If your home has Knob and Tube wiring, chances are you're paying more for house insurance. As a fire hazard, Knob and Tube wiring is the number one reason to rewire a home.

The Professionals at Doctor Electric are fully equipped to handle any rewire job.

Service Upgrades & Panel Changes

A service upgrade may be required in some cases when changing your main electrical panel. If you have a fuse box, chances are you're paying more for insurance. Changing the service may also be required if you're building a garage or putting an addition onto your house, or if you're rewiring your home.

Your service may also be required to be upgraded if you're planning on installing an EV (Electric Vehicle) Charger. 

Home Renovation Wiring

Whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or anything in-between, we can get it wired right - and to code or better.

Service Calls

If you're having electrical problems, you can trust the professionals at Doctor Electric to get it fixed right, in a timely manner.

Aluminium Wiring

If your home has aluminium wiring without copper tails, you're at risk for an electrical fire. Contact the Professionals at Doctor Electric today to learn more.

EV (Electric Vehicle) Chargers

We are now offering EV charger installations!